Bathed in an artistic environment, Lisa Rosnay spent her childhood surrounded by works of art and books – Her parents were artists and fashion designers. Over the years she developed her passion for the arts and became a scenographer. On the death of his mother, a pressing need for creation animates him .. everything begins ... then .. Matter is the tool...abstract forms a means... The infinity of possibilities is his adage. Living and deep matter bear witness to the moment. The series of atmospherics resembles the abstract representation of paradise...behind a door which closes another opens the ultramarine blue and prussian blue tints mix with a rare and unique bond and transport us to a new world, a new life .. The Urban Totems are as many advertising references of his life in communication agencies as that of his childhood... His latest series Vis à vie strives to present us with two moments of life.. the first series is poetic and colorful, the second seems darker, all in delicacy.. black as a filigree backdrop is an abyssal intimate journey .